Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wolfzoid (fluffy)

This is a Description of my Hybrid. Wolf Zoid.

The Wolf Zoid (alien wolf) is the most terrifying creature ever. It  has three eyes. The third eye is  a hypnotic so it can lour it’s prey to it’s den. The Wolf Zoid huge retractable. Want to find out more about the alien wolf and why it’s so terrifying.

What is the Wolf Zoid
The Wolf Zoid lives in the forests of Planetoid.The male Wolf Zoid is greeny brown and is 500m long does all the hunting. He hunts for Moose Oids, horseanoids, fishonoids and on rare occasions Humanoids. The female is more of a black color and likeness and is the most terrifying and would be mistaken for a boy for its appeal. The Lady Wolf Zoid is 400m long and can rip you in half just by touching you.

What should I do if a Wolf Zoid comes for me!?
A wolf Zoids one fare is brussel sprouts. It hates brussel sprouts. If you venture into a Wolf Zoid lair  take some brussel sprouts. It will run away whimpering

So be ware the might Wolf Zoid. because yo never know when it will come for you. Oh and always carry around a bag of brussel sprouts

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