Monday, November 04, 2013

Boat or submarine

Boat or Submarine  

Question/Goal/ problem
make a shape that will hold more than 11 coins

What shape of container will hold the most weight ?
We are choosing a pan because it is wide and the wider it is, the more water keeps it afloat

  • It will be able to hold more than 5 coins.
  • Materials
  • Container filled with water, modelling clay, old coins

Method (What I did)
  • Create a boat out of modelling clay.
  • I Fill the container with water.
  • Place the boat carefully onto the water so it floats.
  • One at a time , put coins carefully into the boat . Count how many coins are in the boat before it sinks.

Observation/ Analyse
We made a pan and we got 5 coins in so that's pretty good we thought we needed the pan to be bigger.

I discovered that if you make it light the water support’s it more.

It floated because it was light

"Ok class What happens when I do this?"

Push Elijah Push

It's art but will it float

It's the tin man's boat

Cha Ching!

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