Thursday, May 30, 2013

My May Reflection

This is my may reflection that I made for my interview. It has one slide that is blank (parent slide) but it's still        
cool. Enjoy.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The story of Elijah man

This is the story of the amazing ELIJAH MAN

Elijah Casson was an ordinary boy. One day he was out walking when suddenly a god named awe (short for awesome) the guardian of the ultimate power came down from the sky looking unwell. “Are you okay”  Elijah said “ya I’m cool” awe said “but the ultimate power has decided to move on to someone else, until it goes I’ll look like this, and you are the chosen one” Then Awe pulled out a shining ball of what he called the richest power in the world. As he pulled it out he changed it to this surprisingly good looking old man. Elijah grabbed the power and at that very moment Elijah turned into the super awesome, incredibly handsome and fit form of  ELIJAH MAN.  Awe said Elijah would be the new leader of a group called The secret six a group of powerful superheroes the super six has been around for thousands of years and now it’s time for a new super six so all six of them were giving their power to the person it chose. “Farewell” Awe whispered and with that he started to disappear. But where’s the base what do I do  “ask the power” he said and he was gone. Elijah commanded the power to take him to the secret  base. The power refused. “Do it” Elijah yelled come on do it. What do I have to do say please” and as soon as he said that he found himself flying through the air at top speed. Suddenly the power stopped a trap door opened and Elijah was found himself in a giant underground base. …...TO BE CONTINUED         


This story was inspired by Thunder skull by Inderpreet Kalkat and Agent black 
My teacher Mr M for the idea of ELIJAH MAN 

Thanks Elijah

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Maths home work

This is my maths home work presentation we had to work out the shapes differences.

Menu for a Super Hero

This is my menu from a fancy restaurant for my super hero ELIJAH MAN .
when he eat's any thing from this menu his power's grow 10,0000 times stronger (Which is really strong). This menu is also known as ELIJAH MAN'S SECRET WEAPON and is used to face his strongest foes.

super menu

  • super sized hamburger
  • extra salty French fries with maximum amount of tomato sauce
  • BIG berry smoothie in a super sized cup
  • Really really French pudding
  • Triple ripple ice cream Sunday
      This picture is from Google Images 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The red light?

This is my story inspired by literacy starter

We’re on our holiday and lost on the mountain. We’ve traveling for days up and down the the mountain calling for help and trying to get back. It’s a good thing we had tents and sleeping bags with us otherwise we would be in trouble. Today we're heading to the top of the mountain to see if we can get some of the campers attention by lite the flear we packed before we left. I wish we hadn’t left. We start off up the mountain we only ly get 1km before we stop. I feel like I’m going to die but it’s only five minutes before we carry on up the to the to. It ‘s night now as crazy as it sounds we only made it halfway there it’s a pretty big mountain and we lose each other a lot. I wake up And I see light outside it must morning i think to myself I go outside it’s pitch black I turn around to see a faint red light in the distance for a minute I thought someone had found us and I ran and shout “we're over here we're over here” but the light keeps moving “stop” I yell suddenly it stops it turn and comes toward me. As it got closer it got bigger and bigger and bigger
it was a spaceship an alien space ship what was I going to do I ran and called for help I woke the others and tried to show them what I saw but by the time I convinced them to get up and see the ship was gone. What was happening?

This photo was also from 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Kensuke's kingdom map

This is my own version of the map in a book called                                My map
Kensuke's kingdom by Michel Morporgo. At the
moment it is our class book and so far it has been
really cool.

              Original map


Thursday, May 09, 2013

Rock climbing reflection

For three weeks on a thursday we went to Karamu high school to try out rock climbing . We were split into groups of five 2 Karamu students and 3 Parkvale students. The people in my group were William Tyrone Gema josh and me.Here's the reflection's of

Rock climbing reflection

· Something I was pleased with was… How well I was able to climb the wall.


…because I’m better than I was last time I tried.

· I really enjoyed learning… how to put on my safety belt and harness.

…because… I’ve never done it by myself before.
· Something I found hard was… my footing.
· Something that made me think was… how was I going to get to the top without letting go of the wall.
…because It was really hard to find the right place to grab.
·Something I want to get better at is… The Footing.

This is the video I made to go with it.                                                                 This is a photo of me
Rock climbing reflection by Elijah Casson on GoAnimate                                             on the climbing wall.

part 2

Reflection for

· Something I was pleased with was… how well I worked when I did the practice (not on the wall) with my Eyes closed.

…because… It was really hard to tell what you and the people around me were doing.
· I really enjoyed learning… what to do when you're connected to the person on the wall.
…because… It is really important to Know what to do if someone slips.
· Something I found hard was… reaching out to the rocks on the wall.
· Something that made me think was… where I was going.

…because I couldn't see where the rocks were.

· Something I want to get better at is… still footing.


Part 3

Rock climbing

· Something I was pleased with was… that I got further on the hard wall last time.
· I really enjoyed learning… how to belay proply.
…because…I’m better.
· Something I found hard was… still footing.
· Something that made me think was… what the instructions were that my buddie yelled out.
…because… It is hard to hear what they are saying.

Something I want to get better at is… my footing.

Angry Verbs

This is picture I drew when men and buddy from room five did a class activity called angry verbs (birds)
It was really fun.

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