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Elijah Man 3 part 1,2 and 3

Here is the next Elijah Man story. it might not be two exiting but it's a build up to the next exciting funny and kind of crazy Elijah Man. With a bit of romance (just kidding). This sadly the last Elijah Man but it's a good one.

Part 1

The secret seven landed softly on the floor all except zach that is who let go of his allies leg too soon and face planted. They all flopped on the couch. ‘That was tiring” said thunderskull. “Ya it’s not everyday you fight an evil clone” Master Zebhdiyah. “You got that right” zach said as he hit the cloning machine with a hammer and it exploded in his face. Elijah and Tyrone picked up the clone machine and put in a room full of dynamite. “Goodbye my creation” zach sobbed. “Stop crying and blow it up!” Captain D yelled.

Bleep Bleep went the siren. The Secret seven ran to the computer. “Yass” whispered zach. “BLOW IT UP!” Dylan yelled. The secret seven looked at the security footage it was the camera was blurry and they couldn’t see anything. Suddenly an explosion came from the main room. “About time Zach” Elijah yelled. “Wasn’t Me?” Zach replied. Suddenly 10 tropers crashed through the roof. “You’ve got a new project zach” Thunder skull squeaked. “I can see that!” zach screamed. They were all were grey except for one. He was wearing orange and stood taller than the others. “That Must be the leader” Zeb whispered. The troopers that had attacked zach walked in with a large sack. that seemed to have something in it BANG! They were out cold and the troopers put them in the sack.


Part 2

Last time on Elijah man:
The secret seven’s break in alarm sounded and the heros raced to answer the call but the spy cam was down and they could not get a visual on the intruders. Suddenly 10 troopers smashed through the ceiling they were surrounded. Elijah man and the rest of the secret seven were attacked by the the troopers and stuffed in a sack.

This time:
The secret seven started to gain consciousness and found themselves in a huge cell with laser bars. Outside of the cell there were thousands of newspaper clippings with Elijah mans face on the front stuck to a clip board. Some were torn and some had mustaches on them. “HEY!” cried Elijah man “that's super hero abuse”. Beside the clipboard was a dartboard with Elijah mans face on it. There were dart’s all over it. “This guy must have something against me”,Elijah man said. “Yes Elijah I do” said a voice. “How do you know my name" Elijah man said. Well it’s kind of obvious You're names Elijah man. “Good point” said Elijah man “who are you any way?”. “How Could you not remember me you can’t have cut me from the story. I’m Vince Rao or as you like to call me vice”. “Oh now I remember my old second in command” ,said Elijah “You were always the in second place. I always did think you would go insane”. “Hey there's no need to rub it in” Vince replied. “Wait” ,said Master Zebhdiyah “Vince Rao was was. our first bad guy”. “Wait you tried to shot me in the head!” Elijah grunted. “you were holding me kind of tight” Vince replied  “oh well time to meet your doom. this is the last you will see of the Vinceanator. This is the last you will see of any thing!!!! Vince prest a red button on the wall the layer started to shake. “you know you're stuck in here to right”  Elijah man said. “Oops!” ,Vince gulped.


Part 3
Beeping, Beeping, Beeping went the alarm as Vinces hind out started to collapse. “Who designed that alarm” ,said Elijah man. “I did Vince said hanging his head in shame. “Were all going to die” ,sobbed Vince. “ Well you might but we can teleport” said Zeb see he held out his Teleport watch. “Oh yeah” Captain d replied. “The Cell neutralises all tech inside it” Vince sniveled. “Well then open the cage and we'll take you with us” Elijah man said. "How do I know you won’t put me in jail after” Vince sniffed. “you don’t” Elijah man said smiling. Then no I won’t” Vince Said shaking his head. “fine we’ll do it ourselves” Elijah man groaned he tapped on one of the troops shoulders he turned around and Elijah man punched him in the face. He grabbed his hand and held it up to the scanner, the cell door opened and the secret seven ran out. The epic battle against Elijah man and Vince began. Vince pulled a lightning sword from his pocket. And Elijah man created some rock nun chucks with his elemental powers. “Charge!” Vince yelled as he and his troops ran towards him. “I have no idea how to use these!” Elijah man said charging back. There was a punch there a punch here. A kick and a chop. at one stage Elijah man tripped one of the clones and he went rolling in to Zach. Elijah man was starting to get tired he decided to  unleash the the ultimate awesomeness. “Get out of here” He said to the others “Go”. “No, I won’t leave you” agent black yelled. “Go” Elijah man yelled “ just go". the secret seven flew off and Elijah man was alone with Vince and a pile of unconscious troops. He took a deep breath and unleashed the Power! The Hideout could not take the pressure and collapsed.

Back at Base the rest of the secret six hang their heads in sadness. “Do you think he’s alive” Tyrone said. “He was so young!” zach yelled and started to cry. It was all over or was it. They heard the elevator coming down. A man stepped out Elijah man? ,Zeb said. “No I’m the cable guy” Elijah mans over their they looked around and saw Elijah man waving in the corner. Elijah man it’s you! “Does no one care that you forgot to pay the bill” The cable man moaned. “NO!” they growled. “Super heros” The cable guy muttered

The End.

Stick Man Man unleashes awesomenes by Elijah Casson on GoAnimate


  1. Wow Elijah!
    What a awesome story on yourself and your friends.
    It's very kind of you to add your friends in your story.
    Your illustration are amazing, meaning that you are a true artist!!!
    I like how you have said that there is a picture of you on the dart board with lots of darts through you face and also the badies have drawn a mustache on you!!!! That is really explaining that you are making t funny for the reader:-)
    Elijah, You are really good at making up story's.
    You should read my robot story that I will share with you someday.
    I really like all the attractive words in your story too.
    Is this the last part of Elijah Man?
    Because if it is I would be sad, because I want to still read on.
    I love how you have made the introduction really funny for the reader.
    It's great how you have done an awesome job creating the stick figure video.
    When you shoot the fire out of your hands it looks as if you have really got powers!!!
    Your incredible story is not actually incredible but BRILLIANT!!!
    I love how you have made your story actually let the reader imagine it:)
    Well done, keep up the great work:)
    And also I love how you have added great adjectives and describing words.
    You do have little bit of mistakes here and there, but that doesn't really matter.
    At least you tried your hardest,
    and made the reader read on and find it amazingly interesting.
    Once again, Well done:)
    Your a great author, by that I mean illustrator and writer:)

    1. All i can say to that is Wooooooooooow! Thanks for the awesome comment.

  2. Amazing story Elijah! I love the part at the end how that guy says "No, I'm the cable guy. Elijahman's over there. Your stick person GoAnimate looks like he's doing the "Kame-hame-Ha" from Dragon Ball Z. The last paragraph on part 3 was the funniest. I like how you made the alarm actually say "BEEP, BEEP, BEEP" instead of making the sound effects. This was an awesome series Elijah, I would have loved to see another.

    1. Thanks for giving me the idea for the alarm.

  3. Wow Elijah!
    You've got heaps of Details and pictures as well
    and you made a go animate video!
    Keep it up Elijah!

    1. Your the first to comment on the photos. Thanks.

  4. Great story Elijah or Elijah Man! Is there going to be a part 4.
    Keep up the great work Elijah.

    1. No sorry that was the season finally. But their is going to be a season two.

  5. Awesome work Elijah or should I say, Elijah man?
    I like how you did all three parts in one blog post and also I think I won't survive that POWER OF AWESOMENESS.
    Keep up the good work.

  6. Great work Elijah!
    I like part 1,2 and 3,
    it was funny when Vince pressed the red button which caused the whole hide out fall.
    Keep up the awesome posts!

    1. If you liked that then you will love season 2.


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