Friday, November 15, 2013

Sky Cycling

This is my sky cycling post. from the writing prompt below.

“Somebody get the ladder!” Mum yells as I climb higher and higher into the sky. “I knew I shouldn't of put the helium in my tyres. But there was 10 bucks on the line. Do you know how many cool things you can buy with 10 bucks, not much but still, it’s 10 bucks. But what can I do with it in the sky? All I can do now is scream. Then I remember the rope on the back of my bike. “Mum I have some rope” I say. “Throw it down” She says. I throw the rope down to mum and it lands in a pile on the ground. “Just one end!” she says shaking her head. Know I’ll never get down I thought as I floated down the street with mum and dad chasing after me. I was getting close to school, I thought I might be able to grab the top of the playground. I tried reaching for it but I missed and continued out to the farms. Then I had an idea. The money was still in my pocket. I pulled it out and jumped using the 10 dollar bill as a parachute. “Cannon ball!” I yelled as I hurtled back to earth. but the parachute was not working and I kept going faster and faster eye closed my eyes. When suddenly Splat. I landed in something squishy. I looked around and I had landed in a big pile of cow poo. Worst of all I couldn’t find My money! I turned around mum and dad were their holding their noses. “You reec” they say “let’s get you home.”

The End

My favorite part

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  1. Well done Elijah,
    I like the humour!
    Keep it up!


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