Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Triathlon day recount

On Friday the 22 of  November I competed int year five boys non competitive triathlon. this is my recount of the race.

I’m on my bike, ready to go. Mr M starts the countdown. “3,2,1 Go!” He yell’s as the year 5 non competitive race off down the field. I was doing well. I might have messed up at the start a bit but I was doing well. We turn round the cones at the end of the rugby field and head back towards the startline. I’m going hard as turn round the bend and on to the strait.I jump of bike and into the school pool. Splash! I dive in and start swimming. I pass a few people in the swim but i’m still in behind.I come out the pool gate tired and dripping wet. Now it’s time for the run glad that I had decided not to be in the competitive. I race down the court and onto the grass. I was expecting to step on a bommyknocker but I got lucky and missed them all. I kept on running someone past me but I soon catch up. We run round the cones at the end of the rugby. I’m starting to run out of breath so I slow down. I decided to reserve my energy for the final turn. We come off the rugby field we are heading onto the final part of the race now. I race round the next turn and start to catch up with the person in front of me. I decided to take him on. Come out onto the strait. I can see the people that have finished the race on the ground exhausted. come round the outside off my opponent and pass him just in time. I’ve come 8th. I’m so proud of myself as i flop on the ground. I’m exhausted.

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