Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Miami Cheat are going DOWN!

Today the Pacers are going to smash the Cheat. 1. Because their better  2. The cheat, cheat  3. The Cheat just shouldn't win.

P.s  Traylan is going crazy supporting the Cheat he should just switch over now.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

North Head

This is my holiday recount called North Head.

WALT use different sentence starters
I know can do this when:
  • My sentences start with different words
  • Capital letters to start sentences and for proper nouns
  • Some short, sharp sentences

KEY WORDS: North Head, Auckland, Picnic.  

We have just arrived at the North Head car park for a picnic dinner. North head is an old army base by the beach in Auckland. Me and my family slowly trudged through the thick mud with are picnic gear. Finally we reach our picnic spot. Its an old cannon shelter facing right out to sea. My brother, my baby cousin and I go and play with a ball while my uncle and auntie get dinner ready. When I wasn’t watching my brother gave the ball a big kick and knocks over the water jug. The jug cracks and starts to leak. Without thinking I run over to the jug and put my hand on the crack. What I didn’t know was that the jug was full of HOT WATER! “OUCH!” I said as I quickly put the jug down and shook my hand. My hand wasn’t burnt but it was still really hot.

For dinner we had bacon, sauseges and hamburgers. It was sort of an easy tea considering we only had a small gas cooker. We watched the boats from the Auckland harbour go past and played with the ball some more while we were waiting for the adults to finish.

After dinner we my uncle took us kids to see some of the other cannon shelter. Meanwhile my mum and auntie packed up the picnic. Then trudged back up the muddy hill. We explored a couple of underground tunnels were the soldiers stored their guns and cannons. The tunnels echoed with every foot step.Me and my brother walked through the tunnel making disstant cannon noises with are feet. We explored the tunnels some more before returning to the car. Then we drove home for dessert.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Space home work

For homework we had to find out some facts about space using these web sites

Here is a link to all these sites and more

This is my home work. Double click it to add your own ideas!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Are Aliens real? answer: NO!

I'm now going to persuade you that aliens are fake.

Why are aliens real? Do you have proof? Has anyone seen an actual alien? Have you ever thought that crop circles are just farmers playing with their lawn mowers? Well I’m to tell you aliens are not real!

UFO? or Cloud?
Ever since the first alien movie came out everyone has said they spotted aliens in flying saucers and stuff like that. So what if you saw a disk shape?  Doesn't mean aliens are real. How do you know they were made by aliens? They could be clouds! I’m just trying to make a point here if aliens were real why haven't we found any yet the only evidence is flying saucers aka UFO’s but as I said there is no such thing.

Alien abduction? Yeah right!
Ok so you say you were abducted by aliens. I would totally believe you... If it was true. Even if aliens were real I’m sure they have better things to do then poking at human brains or abducting cows. Seriously you know that I’m right about this one. Come on, how could you still believe in all that alien talk about ET and Martians! They DON’T EXIST.

So you're saw an alien shaped rock.... And what?
You were going for a late night stroll. Saw a rubbish bin. Thought it was an alien. Theeen freaked and told everyone you saw Chewbacca in the alley way. Maybe next time you should check if it's actually an alien not just a bin. I mean really how many times has some seen a blanket and thought it was monster. And none of us believe in monsters. Just face it aliens are just made up creatures from books and movies!

Now do you believe me
Well I’m sure we all believe aliens exist (NOT!). You should all now know that aliens are FAKE! If you still believe that all that alien mumbo jumbo is real then you're still wrong. Aliens are like Bigfoot and fairies and as I said before monsters! Fake, fake and FAKE! So, now do you believe in aliens?? Hope not.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Walt Build Our Vocab

We are learning to build our vocabulary. My group has been reading a book called Extraterrestrial (ET) Search. We had to find words we did not know the meaning of and write them in the table below. these are my words.

Text: Extraterrestrial (ET) Search                                               Author:Sharon Parsons

Word (and page number)
Sentence in the text
Meaning in my own words
  1. Extraterrestrial (pg.1)
  2. Cosmonaut (pg. 7)
  3. Aeronautics (pg. 12)
  4. Astronomy (pg. 15)
  5. Astrobiology (pg. 16)
  6. exoplanet (pg. 18)
  7. Protoplanetary Disks (22)
  8. Extremophiles (pg. 24)

  1. Avatar is a science fiction movie about extraterrestrial on the fictional plant of pandora.
  2. ...Russia calls their space explorers cosmonauts but the usa call them astronauts
  3. The National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Nasa)
  4. ...Astronomers believe there are...
  5. ...Astrobiology institute in the USA.
  6. Every exoplanet that has been discovered...
  7. swirling dust and gas clouds called Protoplanetary Disks
  8. Extremophiles are single-celled organisms called microbes...
  1. being from another planet
  2. Astronaut
  3. Studying or practicing flight
  4. Someone who studies space
  5. Astrobiology is when  you investigate the probability of life somewhere else in the universe
  6. planets that orbit stars, like the sun, outside the solar system
  7. swirling dust and gas clouds
  8. creatures that live in extremely hot conditions

This is the Book.

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