Thursday, September 25, 2014

Optimist Yachting Final post

Dear Diary, the yachting today was AWESOME!  Got to go solo yachting and man did I go FAST. Since I was by my self I could just relax. Everyone that went passed thought I looked pretty chilled out. I had my feet hang’n out the sides and my hands behind my back. Then all of a sudden Jaidyn came along and.... BAM. My boat almost tips “Crazy driver I say”. It was soooo fun!

Kayaking was hard. We had to paddle against a very strong current. Matilda and Kyra pass me whenever I have a brake so I had to try and keep going. And MAN! it was soooo tiring.

Dear Diary, today we had to get the paddles out for a short time but we quickly got back to sailing. We came third in a race round the boa's and third in a race to the island and back. I also got to go for a bit of solo yacht and I got to jump out! The water was freezing! And I had to kick back to shore because i couldn't get in back in.

Any way tomorrow we might not be going yachting because of the wind. So just in case Good bye.


Dear Diary, today was the last and best day yet. I went yachting with Jaidyn. It was fun  at first but then Jaidyn go to carried away with tricks and.... we capsized. Jaidyn, Jaidyn, Jaidyn what were you thinking. “Oh fill the boat boat with water we’ll be fine” yeah right! anyway it was pretty funny.

At kayaking we went right out into the mouth of the harbour and man it was wavy. I went out on my nese. Dad was there and he kept trying to tip me. I got away from him and as soon as I did I heard a splash I turn around there’s Dad sitting in the water. Karma.

Till next time diary, you're friend, Elijah.

Optimist Yachting Reflection

Something I was pleased with was how confident I was
because I wasn’t expecting to be that way.
I really enjoyed Yachting because I got to go really fast

Something I found hard was kayaking against the wind

Something that made me think was which way I should go, in optimist yachting, to catch the wind.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Production: Retell of the Legend of The Seven Whales

The Legend Of The Seven Whales

Long ago in Maori times there lived a powerful Tohunga. He was the master of seven giant whales. Those whales set out each day to collect information and news for the mighty Tohunga. each whale had to be out at sun rise. The names of the whales were Tahuturia, Tukituki, Korito, Onepoto, Iwetia and their baby Brother Hikinui.

Every day the whales would travel to many different parts of the ocean but each one had it’s favourite. Tahuturia talked to the orcas. TakiTaki chatted with the dolphins. Korito loved to hang out with the sharks. Onepoto had sword fights with the sword fish. Iwetia liked to listen to the dozy John Dory. And baby Hikinui just floated around in shallows doing absolutely nothing.

One day Hikinui relaxed so much that he couldn’t get to sleep. He kept jumping up and down and being as loud as ever. This made the other whales angry so they told to be quiet and go to sleep.  

In the morning when the other whales set out Hikinui stayed behind because he had finally fallen asleep. The other Whales had just left their sleeping spot when they realized Hikinui hadn't come with them. All of a sudden the loud voice the Tohunga thunder across the ocean. “Curse you stupid whales!” he cried “you have failed your purpose. Now I shall curse you all”. And with that he turned them all into hills!! These days they are known as the hills of Wairoa. And baby Hikinui is still fast asleep and won’t be waking up anytime soon.

Sketches of the story

Calendar art

Step right up step right up to see Elijah Casson's latest piece of art. That's right folks it's calender art time and it's only on sale for a limited time so put your order in today. You could get an amazing water colour peice completed with an amazing pastel Tui bird. And best of all it's for a very low price! That's right this amazing piece of art is going for a very low price. They're sure to sell quick so buy now!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Yachting Diary

Dear Diary, I’m back again and no we’re not doing another production. IT’S YACHTING WEEK!

Today is our first day of Optimist Yachting. We’re heading down to Pandora pond after morning tea and I can’t wait! Some people look a bit nervous but not me.

We go on the yacht first and it’s so much fun. My yachting buddy Jacob has never done this before so sometimes I’m basically solo yachting. I don’t blame him though it is sort of hard your first go.

Kayaking is fun to but to be honest even though I really like kayaking I enjoyed yachting a tense bit more.

Dear Diary, Today we went kayaking first and it was pretty fun we joined all the kayaks
together, then went for a paddle then we had a race. I won the race and now Miss Hill owes me a chocolate fish.

There was no wind for yachting so we had to get out the paddles and row around the pond. We had to try and collect blocks of wood Mr M had left floating in the pond. We got none but other people were getting tons. So we pretended we were pirates and tried to hijack people, but of course it didn’t work.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Production is over!!

Dear Diary, this is my last entry. I will really miss writing to you. Anyway the final night went very well and I was relieved that it was finally over. It’s been fun doing this but for the final time I have to say good bye. This is your friend Elijah. See you later.

Reflection for the Production Journey Through The Legends

Something I was pleased with was my performance because I did better than I expected.
I really enjoyed learning how to be slow and loud with my lines  because I was quiet and fast when we started.

Something I found hard was not falling asleep during the show because I was REALLY tired.
Something that made me think was being louder.
Something I want to get better at is my actions.

My favourite part of the production was getting to watch the other performances and then showing them mine.

My best bit of feedback for the production was from Mum . She said to me that “She was really pleased with how I did and that she was amazed!”              

Thursday, September 04, 2014

Poem: A Friend...

That's right! Poems are back! This poem is called A Friend... If you haven't figured out all ready.

Original by Trevor Millum:

A Friend...
A friend is someone who borrows your ball
And returns it to you later in the day;
Who will lend their newest pens - and will play
Your games. Who’ll come around to your house
  and call
For you in rain as well as when it’s fine;
Who’ll listen to your secrets, share your fears,
lend a shoulder when your eyes are full of tears
And won’t divide things into ‘yours’ and ‘mine’.
A friend will peel the plaster gently off your cut
And a friend won’t say ‘Yuk!’. A friend laughs at your jokes
When others just go ‘Eh?’; who likes you but
Will tell you when you’re wrong; who strokes
Your favourite pet in spite of all the fleas -
Who knows your family but, when invited, says
  ‘Yes, please!’

Trevor Millum

New and improved version by Me!:

A Friend... someone who hangs out with you all day
even when theres nothing to do.
A friend is someone who comes to your house
and always asks before using your stuff.
A person who’ll will do all your dares
even if they really don’t want to.
Someone that doesn’t make fun of you.
A friend is someone who will help you when you're hurt
even if it’s not that bad.
Someone who shares with you, stands by you and sits next to you. A person who likes the same sort of things as you.
A friend is someone you will know for the rest of your life

Elijah Casson.

What it looks like in my book:

My class preforms the original (all credit to Mr Moriarty):


Wednesday, September 03, 2014

My Pow Toons: Help find the Evil Clone and Meet S.L.O.S.H

These are some video's I made on Pow Toon. Pow Toon is a really cool video making site and I highly recommend it!

Production Diary: entry 12


Dear Diary, sorry I haven’t wrote in a while but I just keep forgetting! Anyway tonight is the last night of the production and I’m sort of sad and sort of happy that it’s finally over. It’s sad because I’ve been having fun doing the production. But happy because I’ll wont have to go to bed at 9:15 at night! I’ll tell you more later.

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