Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kiore (small rat) report

This my report on the Kiore (small rat)

Kiore (Small rat) report

Kiore might look cute but that doesn't mean they are innocent. They kill  native bird, eat crops, destroy forest and more. You can find out more about kiore and what horrible things they do in the wild by reading this report .

What do kiore eat

Kiore eat all sorts of things like insects, larvae, weta, centipedes, spider, earthworms, ants, beetles, weevils, snails, lizard and cicadas. This is harmless but the main part of the kiore’s diet is birds eggs, forest vegetation and crops from farms.

Kiore are the smallest rat in New Zealand. They born with fur and a light grey stomach. When they get older they lose their grey fur and it changes to match the the rest of the body which is a blend of brown and black. Adult weighs up 60-80g.

Kiore live all over New Zealand. They can also been found to live on offshore island. They have been accidentally taken there by people visiting the islands.

Kiore kill a lot of native birds which is causing them to go endangered some are even on the verge of extinction. Some of the bird that are killed like the kereru help the forest grow after pest like the kiore damage the forest. This causes the forest to slowly die.

Did you know
Kiore arrived in nz 700 years ago and found a liking for their new habitat and quickly settled in. Rats can have over 5,000 babies a year, as unbelievable as it sounds it is true. Rats (Kiore) attract pest like possum stoat weasel ferret and more rats.       

So you see rats may look cute but they behave like pest and do a great job of it. Please help stop rats they are are slowly chipping away at the wildlife of nz. You could help by setting mouse traps around your house. Or for more ideas click on the link to go to (Kiwi conservation club).

This is my diagram of the Kiore

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My comic strips

This week we did a literacy rotation and I was in creating comic strips. I've made two comic strips about a Robber, Me and a police man named Steve.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

All about Elijah Man

You might know Elijah man to be just another super hero but he's more than that. He builds machines and weapons in his extra time.

This is his sub

This is his tank

These are his weapons

This is his car

Elijah man also has a normal life He looks like this.
Elijah man not in action (well he is sort of)

Monday, July 08, 2013

Elijah man 2: The Evil Twin

Finally Elijah man two is here. It best Elijah man story yet.

Elijah man had just arrived back at the base after he saved a group of people from being crushed by a burning building. He used his super strength to stop the tower from falling. Then used his super speed (and architectural skills) to quickly rebuild the tower (not easy work). And was about to crash on the couch when Assassin Zach rushed in and yelled “I've done it I've done it” “done what, my washing?” asked Elijah “no my cloning machine” replies Zach angrily “and I never said I was doing your washing! My cloning machine can clone any thing” “you better not clone my washing” Elijah man growled “really washing” Zach replied feeling annoyed “can we please move on from that” “Ok but you still need to do it for me Zach”.

“Who wants to give it a go” Assassin Zach replied with a huge smile on his face. Master Tyrone ran to the teleporter and left for home. Agent Black sped to the exit. And everyone else pretended they were busy. Everyone that is except for Elijah man he was too tired to think of an excuse so he was stuck as Zach’s lab rat. Elijah stepped into the cloning machine and Zach flicked the switch and all the others stood in amazement as a figure appeared “he looks exactly like me” Elijah man said star struck. Cam heard the noise of the cloning machine (It sounds like something dying) and came crashing in through the base doors yelling “what happened what happened!”, “Zach did it, he cloned me!”. Tyrone was sitting at home wondering if Zach had destroyed the base with his machine yet and decided to go have a look. Tyrone walked in the base “what's going on?” he said. “Zach did it he actually cloned me” replied Elijah man, “ZACH DID WHAT!!” The Jedi said just before fainting.  “Why are you all so surprised?” Zach said starting to feel a little awkward “remember last time you built something and it almost burnt down the school” said Zeb thinking Zach was dumb (No offense Zach) for not remembering that, it was on the news and everything.

They all looked at the clone, the clone said nothing, the clone was acting weird it had glowing red eyes (not a good sign). Just then it started  moving towards the teleporter, it stopped just before the controls then gave out a horrible screech and ran into the teleporter. “Ahhh!!! Tyrone did you leave the coordinates to the house!” Said Tyrones twin Captain D
“UH OH!” said Tyrone.

The Secret Seven raced through the teleporter. “Where's the clone?” asked Thunder Skull. Elijah man rushed into the kitchen to find the clone having tea with Captain D and Master Tyrone’s Mum! “Elijah man?” she said “if you're there then who is that?” “My clone” said Elijah man. The clone looked at him, his eyes once again red and full of rage. “Get out of here and quick” Elijah said as he started to attack the clone. The rest of the Secret Seven came rushing down to the kitchen to join Elijah man in battle. Then..........

Stay tuned for the next part of Elijah man 2: The Evil Twin.    

Elijah mans clone

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Camp: day four Kayaking King

This is going to be my last camp story so please enjoy it.

Me and Josh are paddling in a double kayak. David shouts out “who ever touches the back of my Kayak first both get lemonade”. Josh and I go racing toward David. We just about have the lemonade all to ourselves when when he zooms away. Then I say if he keeps going in that direction he will end up there so lets go that way. “Ok” says Josh. He starts to paddle, I steer us in the right direction, as soon we get in the right direction I start to paddle too.

"He's falling right into our trap," I say as we pinpoint where need to go and turn the kayak. We have him in our grasp. We both reach out for the David’s boat. I can already taste the lemonade but once again we failed. Luckily we were able to pin him again and paddled at full speed and once more we fail.  Josh and I begin to get the feeling it’s all over, no lemonade for us, when we decide to give it one more crack and this time we succeed. Victory is ours or so we think, it turns out we’re too late! Crighton and Liam have already beaten us. Maybe we will have better luck next time.


this is a bitstrip (comic) of Kayaking

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