Friday, June 28, 2013

The story of Elijah Man: Part 2

I've finally Made my Part two of Elijah man Take note Because some things in the story will pop up again latter in the series. Enjoy.

Last time: Elijah Casson (Elijah man) meets Awe (Awesome) and gets his power and is raced away to a secret underground base.

This time:
Elijah heard a clink then suddenly 5 more kids wearing tight’s fell  through the tubes in the roof. They all looked very familiar but they were in costume so Elijah couldn't guess who they were. “Who are you” Elijah asked. They all introduced themselves It was Zach, Dylan, Tyrone, Cam and Zeb know wonder they looked familiar, they were all from his’s class. You see, he was only a year five from Parkvale School. Elijah was the leader so he decided they needed names, they all came up with names, Cam was Agent black the best spy in the Galaxy. Dylan was Captain D the powerful crime fighting hero with his shield. Zach was Assassin Zach the mightiest Assassin ever. Zeb was Master Zebhdiyah the mighty Jedi. Tyrone was Master Tyrone He was also a very mighty Jedi. And Elijah was Elijah man the courages crime fighting super human. And together they were the Secret six the Ultimate force of justice. Now all they had to do was bling up their costumes they had been made 1000 years ago and back then they didn't have the ideal fashion for the Heroes of the 21st century. By the time they were finished it was ten o'clock at night But it was worth the effort all the costumes looked awesome. And it was time to wait for a crime.

They waited and waited and waited and waited. Then suddenly an alarming noise echoed through the whole bass the noise was deafening, a robotic voice started yelling out "Crime detected Crime detected". They snapped into action and flew over Hastings in search of crime. Master Tyrone heard an alarm and saw a man in a ski mask with two big money sacks in his hands Elijah looked around, he saw a lady yelling "stop thief!" Elijah man flew down at the speed of light and shape shifted into a giant bowling ball and knocked over the criminal. The money sacks went flying in the air and landed next to the lady. Elijah man formed his hand into a cage and captured the criminal. But what Elijah didn't know was that the criminal had a gun and was about to shoot Elijah when suddenly a strange hero flew in and saved him, it was the legendary Thunder skull he was the Hero of Auckland. He asked The secret six to go to Auckland with him and help him protect the city. "How about all of New Zealand? All seven could of us could pull that off, we have a telloporter back at our base we could go anywhere at the click of our fingers” said Elijah. Thunder skull agreed and they became the Super Seven the new ultimate force of justice.

More Elijah man post.


Thank you to: Inderpret for inspiring me with Thunder Skull. Dylan, Zach, Tyrone, Cam, Zeb and Inderpret for letting me use their hero for  my story.


  1. Great story Elijah. Where did you get my super hero pitcher of my super hero when I didn't send you my super hero on gmail? But great story, keep up the great work.

  2. Cool Elijah man.That part was great.Keep the work up and I like that you made the words blue because of the names of the super heroes and you made your green and yellow because that is your name.

  3. The story sounds so awesome Elijah!
    The teleportation device,
    it is really cool.
    Who is going to fight the seven six?
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Elijah this is so AWESOME! Thank so much for including me in your story, especially calling me the legendary Thunder Skull. Your story is amazing. I can't wait for the next story.
    P.S, my origins are; I was turned into Thunder Skull in Hastings, but I go to Auckland to fight crime.

  5. Wow Elijah you did a great work at that writing & also thank you for having me as a super hero in your story.
    So you keep all that work coming right at you good blogging keep it up I like it bye. See you later.

  6. Wow what an amazing story! I'm only just getting into your story's and there fantastic.
    Also thanks for putting me in your story.
    I cant wait to your next part.
    Keep it up.

  7. Awesome Elijah,
    Elijah man is an awesome superhero
    And all of your story's connect to each other.
    Well done

  8. Great Elijah I love this story. And I loved the part where you put in there was a alarming echo coming from the bass that part was awesome. Great job Elijah. And would there be a part three?

  9. Wow Ellijah!
    Fantastic work I love how you have put all those pictures together.
    Well Done!

  10. This is a great post Elijah, no matter how old this gets, you make cool episodes. Great job Elijah ;-).

  11. I like how you bring youer life in to youer story . Bella

  12. wow like the story, keep them up.


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