Sunday, July 07, 2013

Camp: day four Kayaking King

This is going to be my last camp story so please enjoy it.

Me and Josh are paddling in a double kayak. David shouts out “who ever touches the back of my Kayak first both get lemonade”. Josh and I go racing toward David. We just about have the lemonade all to ourselves when when he zooms away. Then I say if he keeps going in that direction he will end up there so lets go that way. “Ok” says Josh. He starts to paddle, I steer us in the right direction, as soon we get in the right direction I start to paddle too.

"He's falling right into our trap," I say as we pinpoint where need to go and turn the kayak. We have him in our grasp. We both reach out for the David’s boat. I can already taste the lemonade but once again we failed. Luckily we were able to pin him again and paddled at full speed and once more we fail.  Josh and I begin to get the feeling it’s all over, no lemonade for us, when we decide to give it one more crack and this time we succeed. Victory is ours or so we think, it turns out we’re too late! Crighton and Liam have already beaten us. Maybe we will have better luck next time.


this is a bitstrip (comic) of Kayaking


  1. Wow Elijah!
    You have done so well in your writing.
    All of it sounds great.
    The pictures of you are a great pick to put on your amazing blog.
    Kayaking was a big experience wasn't it.
    I really enjoy reading your comic that you have done on bits-trips.
    Well done, Your writing sounds great, Keep up the incredible work:)

  2. Awesome story Elijah that is amazing and it sounds like you had fun doing kayaking awesome job Elijah.
    well done.

  3. Cool Job Elijah!I like how you did it at camp.I like how you did it on Bitstrips. Keep the good work up!

  4. Wow awesome job what a wonderful and disappointing time I like how you have used all those cool words like fail.
    Amazing job

  5. Wow Elijah great kayaking i like it !!!


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