Thursday, June 20, 2013

Camp day 2 Masterchef reflection

When we were on camp we had a Masterchef competition this is my reflection on it.

Reflection for Masterchef  

· Something I was pleased with was… How well are group worked together.


…because… It got really hard sometimes and we still worked together.
· I really enjoyed learning… things that my group (creepers) like, dislike or can't have.
…because… me and some others in my group (creepers) can’t have certain things.
· Something I found hard was… Cooking all the different things to suit all of us.  
· Something that made me think was… will we be on time for serving the judges (Mr italiano, Miss americano).
...Because...  doing different meals slowed us down.



  1. Great post Elijah.
    Even know you had to cook diffident dishes you still presented A great dish.I love how you did the shape of the master chef syllable in you tagxedo great Idea.

    Keep up the good post.
    Your pal Crighton

  2. Awesome Elijah!
    Your tagxedo is terrific!
    Your group did so well in master chef.
    Keep up the good work:-)

  3. Awesome reflection and tagexdo.
    It mus of been hard to cook different dishes to every other group because you're lactose intolerant.
    Great work!

  4. Cool post Elijah!I like your Masterchef tagxedo. Keep the good work up!!!


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