Friday, June 14, 2013

Kereru art and Kereru vs Posum T-chart

This is my Kereru art and Kereru vs Possum T-chart. Kereru is the New Zealand native wood pigeon.
And this is my version
This is the original

This is my T-chart


  1. Great art Elijah.
    Your an artist,
    great facts about possums and kereru.
    I can't really read the facts but at least you've written it down on your paper.

  2. Great art Elijah. It looks like an amazing replica. That is some art you got there. Well done.

  3. I like the art work Elijah awesome stuff

  4. Great work Elijah,
    You are very good at art well done.

  5. Wow your art looks like asakly like the one you coped but better
    keep up the good work:)

  6. Wow Elijah
    Great art work! you have done a fantastic job on the drawing!

  7. I like your keruru art Elijah. It looks cool because the wings are at the back and it looks like it's gonna grab something.Keep the work up!

  8. Awesome art Elijah
    it looks cool because of how it wings are tucked back. you have a great T-chart to I am learning a couple of new facts.

  9. Great art
    that looks fantastic good work your a star keep it up because that is a fantastic blogs.

  10. Well done Elijah. I love your art that looks really similar to the other art photo. Well done!!


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