Friday, March 28, 2014

The taste taker

This is my poem called the taste taker it is my version of the sound collector.

WALT write entertaining poems
We will know we can do this when:
  • meaning - focus on one sense
  • four lines per verse
  • rhyme (2nd & 4th line)
  • beginning and ending

The Taste Taker

A man called this evening
Dressed all in black and green
Put every taste into a sack
He really was quite mean.

The sweetness of the chocolate
The salt taste of the toast
The tang of the barbeque crackers
The delicious chicken roast.

The sourness of the lemon
The tastiness of the cake
When you chop the oranges
The yummy juice it makes.

The hoki poki in the ice cream
The yucky orange pill’s
The lime from the ice blocks
As they start to chill.

The yummy tub of honey
in the cupboard still
When you spill the apple juice
The sweetness of the spill.

The spice from my taco
The taste of lollies rolling in my mouth
The delicious corn beef
Since then everythings gone south.

A man called this evening
He didn’t leave a trace.
Left us nothing yummy
food will never have a taste.

Elijah Casson.


  1. I really liked the poem.
    the man, not alot.
    stealing all our taste.
    I think he's lost the plot.

    1. What a brilliant comment, Dave! Maybe the best you ever gave ;-)

  2. Awesome story Elijah I like the start and the end because they sound different to others.

  3. Cool Elijah. But thanks allot you made me so hungry. =)

  4. I really love the poem Elijah.
    You had some really great ideas
    great job and keep up the good work
    sincerely brayden


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