Thursday, March 27, 2014

Coke Bottle

coke prompt.JPGWriting Purpose: To Entertain

WALT use our senses to describe

  • (see, hear, smell, feel, taste)
  • different sentence starters
  • some short sentences

Class Word Bank:
spray, like a mustache, pop! x-factor, explosion, imagine if you had to clean that up, enjoyment, fireworks, nostrils, Coke, brown sticky foam, whiskers, friends, blow, soaked, boom! Coke bomb, power, fizz, amaze, cool-down, pumped up, fizzy, bottle rocket, ouch!

Pop! This fizz shoots up my nose. I could hear my friends laughing in behind me. They had pranked me again. The brown liquid covered my face leaving behind a sticky mess. Firework of coke slowly died. I couldn't believe it, we were supposed to be even! I mean the cream pie incident was last month, they had already filled my pillow case with yogurt. The cream pie thing wasn't even that bad. I knew I had to get them back for what they had done. But how? How could I get them back for this? I get up and run to my room. My friends didn't follow me but they keep laughing. I grab my prank kit and start scanning the contents. Bucket of water on the door? What about bucket of COKE on the door? That's what I would do I would fill a bucket with coke to get them back. I run down to the shop smiling through the stickiness of the fizz. I brought two 2L coke bottles and poured them into a bucket.

That night I put the bucket of coke on the door. My friends were coming down to my house with a prank in a sec kit. I told them I wanted to apologize for the prank. I ran to to the front door and waited the door opened. SPLASH! My friends were soaked to the bone in sticky coke.


  1. Very Funny and entertaining story. Using your senses to create the scene of what it would actually feel like, if it happened to you. don't actually have a prank kit do you?

  2. So cool Elijah, you have a fun sense of humour, I smiled the whole time reading this story.


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