Thursday, March 13, 2014

Elijah Man 2014

Ok so some of you might remember my story of Elijah man. But for those that haven't here are some of the things he's done. Given powers by the  awesome god awe, fought an evil clone, Destroyed? his arch nemesis, beat his nemesis's Afro clone army, and teamed up with a bunch of other of his class mate hero's. And now I'm ready for season 2. if you would like to be a part of the new super hero team please say so in the comments or email me ( Here are some photos from last years Elijah man.

Elijah man and his evil clone

Elijah man

Afro clone army

Elijah mans super hero team the secret 7


  1. hey Elijah man can you pick me up from my house

  2. Wow Done Elijah!
    Elijah man was a sucess
    Keep it up!

  3. wow Elijah !!!!!!!
    what an awesome Elijah man (super hero)
    keep up the wonderful work =)
    ka pai

  4. Elijah I am so looking forward to season 2.
    Well done Elijah.

  5. Elijah man is awesome because you said Elijah :)


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