Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My year so far in Room 16

This is a reflection on my year in room 16.

My year so far in Room 16 by ElijahMy dream job would be a be a pro at Basketball.My favourite thing about being in Room 16 in 2013 was Camp Kaitawa.  Something I would like to do in term four is finish Elijah Man season 1.Something I would like to do next year is get a badge for young leader or digi leader.

The best thing about reading so far this year is literacy circle.The best thing I read this year was Hachet. I enjoyed it because it was very exciting.My favourite reading blog post that I created is my pangolin report. I chose it because I think it is some  of my best work.This is my favourite reading post from someone else Hemani@parkvale/Hatchet. I think it is awesome because of the amazing illustration assignment.

The best thing about maths so far this year is Mathletics.I was most proud of learning  Graphing . I was proud because I put a lot of work into making my graphs.This is my favourite maths blog post My 100m maths garden that I created. I chose it because I had lots of fun making and designing what went in my garden.This is my favourite maths post from someone else CameronP@Parkvale/Maths. I think it is awesome because i like this game and I think they are very good instructions.I am really good at Graphing.I want to get better at knowing how to convert my fractions, decimals and percentage.

The best thing about writing so far this year is Elijah Man.I was most proud of learning  How to right a good narrative. I was proud because it was my second narrative and my best.This is my favourite writing blog post Elijah Man that I created. I chose it because It’s my favorite Elijah man story and the Elijah man series is pretty much my best writing ever.This is my favourite writing post from someone else Thunder skull By Inderpreet kalkat. I think it is awesome because this story gave me the idea for Elijah Man.I am really good at humor.I want to get better at putting in punctuation.

Integrated Topic
My favourite part of topic has been The cultural art like the TeMata art. I enjoyed it because I like art and I really liked the idea of sketching the peak.This is my favourite topic blog post that I created Optimist  yachting. I chose it because i loved optimist yachting and couldn’t wait to tell everyone about my experience.This is my favourite topic post from someone else Dylan @parkvale: indian poster. I think it is awesome because I like the effort he put into the lion on his poster.

School Involvement
Mini ball, Inter School Swimming, academic, extension maths, extension writing. 
How I Have Shown PRIDE
Personal  Best: Elijah Man.
Respect and Responsibility: cyber safety.
Integrity: Not  copying and pasting text into my writing.
Determination: not giving up on my work and always finishing it.
Enjoyment: I have 46 six posts with the enjoyment label for a reason. I like making things as fun as possible! :-}

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  1. Wow Elijah,
    Great report.
    Funny , my favourite reading thing this year was literacy circles as well.
    Well done Elijah.
    Great post

  2. Wow Elijah!
    I really like your report!
    You must of worked really really hard on this.
    Keep it up Elijah.


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