Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yachting and Kayaking day 3

Reflection for
Something I was pleased with was that I was the third kayaker back  because I usually come close to last.
I really enjoyed learning what to do with three people in the boat because I didn’t think you would be able to have that many people at a time.

Something I found hard was paddling in the kayak  because my life jacket was too tight.
Something that made me think was working the tiller because I have never had that job before.

Yachting And Kayaking Reflection Day 3 by Elijah Casson on GoAnimate


  1. Awesome Elijah,
    I love your reflection and what
    a great idea to make a yacht with lego on your computer.

  2. Great reflection Elijah, I like the Lego photo's you have it was a good idea to make a Lego yacht and kayak. Keep it up Elijah.

  3. Wow Elijah!
    I agree it's hard to paddle when your life jacket is right in your face.
    I love the idea of the lego yacht and the lego kayak.
    Keep the ideas up Elijah.


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