Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hachet final assingment

This is my final assignment post on Hatchet.
I'm kind of sad that the book is over because it was exiting. I'm kind of bummed out because I really enjoyed the book.
here is a slide show of my assignments and a what I thought of the book.

Elijah's litercy circle presentation from Room16 Parkvale on Vimeo.

Here is a photo of my final assignment.
It's a bit rushed (can you tell)

 I put rabbits in like in the story but there is a little to much!


  1. Awesome Elijah!
    I really like your video.
    It sounds as if you really enjoyed the book.
    Well done:-)

  2. Nice work there Elijah I like the picture of lego it is amazing
    Keep up the good work and I wonder what your going to do on your next blogger???

  3. Great Slide show Elijah! I like how you did it on Lego digital designer.
    Keep up the Great work.


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