Thursday, August 28, 2014

Production Diary: Entry 9, 10, 11

Dear Diary, today we had the first dress rehearsal. It was really fun! And some of the costumes from the other legends looked AWESOME! Ezra looked really cool with his moko on.

Dear Diary, we performed in front of the junior school today. I think they really enjoyed it, because there was a lot of laughing.

Today we also had the smoke machine back to. It was really cool disappearing into the fog and coming back out again as a hill.

Miss Hill thought we did really good and gave us all ice blocks after the show.

Dear Diary, last night we had our first show! It was just like the show we performed to the juniors but at night. We got lots of claps and everyone really enjoyed it.

A photo of the seven whales.


  1. Love how your diary continues on, Elijah. You are getting more and more confident performing on stage.

  2. Tu Meke Elijah can't wait for
    you to do more about the
    production. Ka pai keep it
    up. :)))


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