Monday, August 11, 2014

My Letter To R.J Palacio

As most of you know we have just finished reading Wonder in our class. So lately we have been doing a lot of wonder related tasks. One of those things was to write a letter to the author so this is my letter to the Author of Wonder R.J Palacio!

Dear R.J Palacio

My class have just finished reading your book  Wonder. It was very exciting and every time my teacher finished reading the whole class begged him for more. My favorite character was Jack Will because of how he stood up for August. all the time. My favorite part of the book was the very last bit when Auggies Mum said  “you really are a Wonder, Auggie. You are a Wonder”.

We would all sit on the mat with our notebooks writing down details while our teacher read. The only sound you could hear was Mr Moriarty (my teacher) reading and the fish tank. When I had other jobs to do I would beg Mr Moriarty to save the book for another time, so I didn’t miss out.

We have done art about Wonder to, this is mine...

Wonder art.JPG

Thanks Elijah.C.

By the way I hope everyone likes the art and please comment!


  1. Awesome art Elijah, I really like it, you must of worked really
    hard on that great art. Great explaining of what we all did and it was
    a great book

  2. Ka Pai Elijah!
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Wow Elijah Star work!
    Your a Wonder!


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