Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Production Diary: Entery One


Dear Diary, lately we have been doing production practice and, oh let me introduce myself.My name is Elijah and lately I have been practicing for my school production, The Journey Through The Legends. There are four legends in the production and my legend is called The Seven Whales. It is about seven whales who work for a great Tohunga (a very skilled and powerful man). They have to gather news from the oceans and bring it back to him. My Role is to be one of those whales. I play Onepoto the whale that likes to head north and talk to the sword fish. In the play I have a very lazy young brother who sleeps in, and gets us turned into the hills of Wairoa for being late.

When we started me and the other whales, I must admit, were pretty bad, but now we’re much better. We are starting to get our timing right and we sound and look much better (most of us). And everyone else is improving lots to. but we still need to work on being quiet while we are waiting back stage. I think that personally I've improved to. I feel much more confident walking on the stage, then I did when we first started.

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  1. I love your honesty in this entry Elijah. It's very you! And I agree, you have really improved in the last few weeks, keep it up!


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