Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Production Diary: Entry 7,8

Dear Diary, another practice in the hall today. Nothing new.

Dear Diary, I got pulled away from practice today. My sister was going to the dentist. But why did I need to go? Dad told me it was so he could kill two birds with one stone and take us both. So I believed him.

Well that was a mistake! Turns out it was all a trick. We left us as soon as Bella was finished, without me getting a check up. Turns out we going to get my 11 year old shots! Great just what I needed.

The shot didn’t hurt too much, but Dad totally owes me a pony!


  1. Your diary is getting shorter the more tired you get! Love the part about getting tricked into getting your shot. Never knew you would be a pony lover ;)


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