Thursday, November 06, 2014

Minion for a day

“Beeep, Beeep, Beep,” goes my alarm as slowly pull myself out of bed. My feet hit the floor and I start down the hall my arms dragging along the ground as I go. I can smell the strawberry jam on Mum’s toast. Walk through the door and see Mum and my brother and sister all sitting at the table already. “Come on sleepy head!” calls Mum as I stick my head in the cupboard “You’ve got school today!”
“Don’t remind me,” I say rolling my eyes. We have a test today and I really really don’t want to do it. You see I was behind on my work and couldn't afford to miss any time. Having a test subtracted about 30 mins of my precious writing time. I was really getting into my writing it was about the amazing sausage and his side kick ninja potato, any way back to the test. I really don’t need the extra pressure.
“Come on Elijah!” Mum groans as slowly pour my corn flakes into the bowl.

After breakfast I'm in a better mood. I get my jobs done extra fast. My plan is to get to school really early and finish my work before the test. As I walk out the door I see a billboard it reads: ‘Hire a minion. get yours today for only $5.99 CALL 87455469 NOW!’ all of a sudden I have an idea. I rush back down the driveway. I run into the kitchen and grab the phone. “Hello Minion company... yes I’d like one Minion.”

In no time at all a truck backs down the drive. The door opens and out comes one round yellow thing wearing coveralls and goggles. It had one eye and was very short. “O allo,” It said.
“Um... Hi?” I reply “What's your name?”
“Ehhh Bob,” it says.
“Oh um I’m, ahhh Elijah. Umm can you do maths?”
“Ahh yep.”
Yes I was doing it. I finally had a way to get my test and my stuff done. I shoved the minion in my backpack and ran to school.

When we arrived I took off my bag and pulled Bob out. “Ok Bob,” I say “I need you to do this work for me.”
“Ehh Ok,” Bob replies.
“Right see you back here after lunch.”

When I got back to the toilets after lunch instead of seeing Bob with my finished work I saw my Teacher. “Oh no,” I thought.
“Eh he,” Bob said nervously waving at me.
“Come with me Casson,” she said. I gulped
When we got into the office I got a good telling off. Luckily Mrs Apple let me off the hock but she said she won't be so kind if she catches me again.So I had to say goodbye to Bob, at least I got my work finished. On the way home I saw another Minion sign “Get your minion today it does all your chores”. A smile slowly spread across my face.


  1. Thats so cool Elijah! Finally another Elijah story

  2. Great writing Elijah. Once I began reading you had me. I wanted to keep reading and reading to find out what happened. I like the ending. Room 8 are learning how to end their writing, we could use yours as an example.


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