Monday, November 24, 2014

Advertising (Hippy advertising)

We have been learning to advertise and persuade. This is my example of what I've learnt. I'm writing as a toy advertiser trying to convince my client to advertise his toy on TV. Hope you like it please publish

Well I think your wonderful toys will sell out faster then you can say “hot potato”. I mean what kid doesn't want a walkie talkie! Now, as a serious advertiser I would put this toy on the TV. It’s a fabulous way to get your toy out there. So please sit back while I explain why.

Down sides to the internet
On the internet there are many down sides. If your customer is watching your ad on Youtube they will just think it’s just another cheap company ad, and completely ignore it. If it’s a pop up ad, people will think it’s a virus and close the ad. Where as on TV people will take your ad more seriously and won't be able to skip it.

Safe and Fair
If you want fair and safe TV is definitely the way to go. Ads on the internet are no good for people looking at them. All those pop ups and gadgets on the internet can give your customers a virus. That won't look good for your product. If you put the ad on TV it’s just a pre recorded video and can’t do any harm to the viewers or their TV’s. TV is fair because of the law forced rules. Where as internet you can bend the rules to your advantage. And we at Colour Adverts do not support cheating.

TV will go further
More people watch TV than checking ads on the internet most sites have firewalls to block ads. On the TV there's nothing to stop people from watching your ads (unless it’s a pre recorded show). The best part of TV is when Kids watch TV in the morning the adults watch it to. Same with at night time. When people are sitting at the table watching the news they will see your ad.

So that's why I think you should go with TV. I hope you see things the same way.


  1. This is so entertaining, Elijah. How clever and creative are you? Who knew persuasive writing could be so funny?

  2. Primo Elijah! I love the way you hold your character throughout your persuasive advertisement and remain so cool. You make some excellent points about television advertisements with evidence to back up your ideas. Good job!

  3. Love the accent, Elijah and your Hippie persona! You have outline a very good argument for advertisers to use TV rather than the internet. We agreed with lots of your points about the internet! Effective persuading - well done! Mrs Ramsay (and Mr Ramsay)

  4. Very humorous Elijah. Awesome to see you go outside the box and come up with this angle of persuading an audience which is the best media to advertise a product.

  5. Well done Elijah for this great work, very awesome.

  6. Great job Elijah with the accent and character you put allot of thought and effort into your writing.


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