Friday, September 05, 2014

Production is over!!

Dear Diary, this is my last entry. I will really miss writing to you. Anyway the final night went very well and I was relieved that it was finally over. It’s been fun doing this but for the final time I have to say good bye. This is your friend Elijah. See you later.

Reflection for the Production Journey Through The Legends

Something I was pleased with was my performance because I did better than I expected.
I really enjoyed learning how to be slow and loud with my lines  because I was quiet and fast when we started.

Something I found hard was not falling asleep during the show because I was REALLY tired.
Something that made me think was being louder.
Something I want to get better at is my actions.

My favourite part of the production was getting to watch the other performances and then showing them mine.

My best bit of feedback for the production was from Mum . She said to me that “She was really pleased with how I did and that she was amazed!”              


  1. Well done on your production Elijah you spoke so clearly and you looked so confident. Thanks for the laugh too you gave your character good humour.

  2. Well done Elijah you did very good in the play and you are good at writing you diary.
    Keep it up!

  3. Well done on the production Elijah

  4. I enjoyed watching you rock out during 'It's tricky', Elijah! Well done on a brilliant performance.

  5. I agree with all the comments above, Elijah. You were entertaining, confident and composed.


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