Thursday, September 25, 2014

Optimist Yachting Final post

Dear Diary, the yachting today was AWESOME!  Got to go solo yachting and man did I go FAST. Since I was by my self I could just relax. Everyone that went passed thought I looked pretty chilled out. I had my feet hang’n out the sides and my hands behind my back. Then all of a sudden Jaidyn came along and.... BAM. My boat almost tips “Crazy driver I say”. It was soooo fun!

Kayaking was hard. We had to paddle against a very strong current. Matilda and Kyra pass me whenever I have a brake so I had to try and keep going. And MAN! it was soooo tiring.

Dear Diary, today we had to get the paddles out for a short time but we quickly got back to sailing. We came third in a race round the boa's and third in a race to the island and back. I also got to go for a bit of solo yacht and I got to jump out! The water was freezing! And I had to kick back to shore because i couldn't get in back in.

Any way tomorrow we might not be going yachting because of the wind. So just in case Good bye.


Dear Diary, today was the last and best day yet. I went yachting with Jaidyn. It was fun  at first but then Jaidyn go to carried away with tricks and.... we capsized. Jaidyn, Jaidyn, Jaidyn what were you thinking. “Oh fill the boat boat with water we’ll be fine” yeah right! anyway it was pretty funny.

At kayaking we went right out into the mouth of the harbour and man it was wavy. I went out on my nese. Dad was there and he kept trying to tip me. I got away from him and as soon as I did I heard a splash I turn around there’s Dad sitting in the water. Karma.

Till next time diary, you're friend, Elijah.

Optimist Yachting Reflection

Something I was pleased with was how confident I was
because I wasn’t expecting to be that way.
I really enjoyed Yachting because I got to go really fast

Something I found hard was kayaking against the wind

Something that made me think was which way I should go, in optimist yachting, to catch the wind.

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  1. Wonderful post, Elijah. I am so impressed by your sailing ability!


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