Thursday, September 04, 2014

Poem: A Friend...

That's right! Poems are back! This poem is called A Friend... If you haven't figured out all ready.

Original by Trevor Millum:

A Friend...
A friend is someone who borrows your ball
And returns it to you later in the day;
Who will lend their newest pens - and will play
Your games. Who’ll come around to your house
  and call
For you in rain as well as when it’s fine;
Who’ll listen to your secrets, share your fears,
lend a shoulder when your eyes are full of tears
And won’t divide things into ‘yours’ and ‘mine’.
A friend will peel the plaster gently off your cut
And a friend won’t say ‘Yuk!’. A friend laughs at your jokes
When others just go ‘Eh?’; who likes you but
Will tell you when you’re wrong; who strokes
Your favourite pet in spite of all the fleas -
Who knows your family but, when invited, says
  ‘Yes, please!’

Trevor Millum

New and improved version by Me!:

A Friend... someone who hangs out with you all day
even when theres nothing to do.
A friend is someone who comes to your house
and always asks before using your stuff.
A person who’ll will do all your dares
even if they really don’t want to.
Someone that doesn’t make fun of you.
A friend is someone who will help you when you're hurt
even if it’s not that bad.
Someone who shares with you, stands by you and sits next to you. A person who likes the same sort of things as you.
A friend is someone you will know for the rest of your life

Elijah Casson.

What it looks like in my book:

My class preforms the original (all credit to Mr Moriarty):


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