Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Holiday ABC

Holiday ABC by Elijah

Apricots in the tent
Going to the Beach
Dad snoozing on the bed
Exciting Christmas
What does the Fox say
Water Gun
Beach Camping Holiday
Playing on my IPod
Jumping on the tramp
Kicking the soccer ball
Building my Lego
I watched a Movie
BaNana cake
For Christmas I got an Orange drink bottle
My sister got a Pink watch
I Quickly got dressed on christmas day
Run round the house
Scooting to the dairy
Bike Track
Pressing bUttons on my netbook
Visiting my grandparents
Wetting my brother with a water balloon
My brother  hitting me  with his new boXing gloves
Have fun on holidaY
Hanging out with pepZ

By Elijah


  1. Creative ABC, Elijah. What an amazing time you must have had during the holidays!

  2. that is cool Elijah I'd never think of that much your brother has got some good pay back.


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