Friday, February 14, 2014

Hearing asscotion


Yesterday we went to see Carolyn from the Hastings Hearing association who talked to us  about how easy it is to damage your ears. She told us three different ways to protect our ear: cover, walk away, or turn it down. Carolyn did some experiments with us. She told us that sound was vibration she showed us how strong vibration can be. We used tuning forks for this we banged them on the ground and held a ping pong ball on the side. The vibration in the tuning fork made the ball knock against the side, we didn't need to move it the vibration did it for us. She Taught us about  the three smallest bones in our body. One was called the cochlea and it is filled with thousands tiny hairs. The hairs wiggle around when their fell vibration (sound). But if the vibration is too strong (Sound is too loud) they snap and you lose a bit of you're hearing. Carolyn demonstrated with pipe cleaners. We brushed our hands over them to make. We went through a normal day but then we pretended to go to the fireworks and the pipe cleaners were all bent. Then Carolyn told us the things that were safe and for how long. And that's what I learnt when we listened to Carolyn from the Hastings Hearing association.

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