Friday, September 06, 2013

Elijah Man And the Evil Twin the final chapther

Sadly the final chapter of the Evil twin here. But hay Here there's always the next Elijah man story. Please comment

Last time:
The Secret Seven were zapped to the edge of the galaxy by the evil clone. Elijah man managed to shape shift into a super jet and they were about to leave when...

This time:
Elijah man got some kind of weird feeling and looked up he saw a huge asteroid heading straight for them and guess who was riding it like surfboard. It was THE CLONE! There he is Elijah man yelled as he transformed back into himself He demanded his power to shape shift into the strongest thing it could. Suddenly Elijah was in a huge power suit. “Awesome!” he said and raced towards the clone BAAM!, “the clone takes a punch to the face but returns with a double handed uppercut” yells Zach as The clone and Elijah man faced off against the clone. “Zach stop commentating and help me” Elijah yelled. “Right” Zach yelled and tried to take off but then he remembered he couldn't fly and just fired his guns at the clone. He hit Elijah Mans power suit and that rebounded and almost hit him. At least he was trying. Elijah man punched and punched and the clone punched and punched. Their powers could not keep up and they suddenly stopped and fell.

Master Tyrone rushed over and grabbed Elijah Man. And put him on the asteroid. “How are we going to get home?!” Zach yelled “Elijah is out and I don’t think any of us learnt how to shape shift in 5 minutes!”. The toilet floated past slowly. Zach smiled. Splash Elijah  suddenly became conscious. “What happened?” he said “why am I so wet?”. Elijah man looked over at the empty toilet and he instantly knew. “ZAAAAAACH!”. Zach run but Elijah stretched his hand and slapped the Man out of him (not like he had any). “Where's the clone?” Elijah a man asked “Is he dead?”. “Well if you slapped him like that then yes” Moaned Zach rubbing his face. “Well then lets go home” And everyone but Zach who clung onto Elijah mans foot flew back towards earth.

Meanwhile in the darkest corner of space came a shriek.



  1. Wow Elijah!
    You have created an awesome story on yourself and your friends.
    I really enjoyed reading the part when the bullet rebounded of your suit and nearly hit the clone.
    Well done:)

  2. Awesome story Elijah!
    That story is so interesting,
    I like the part when Zach through some of the toilet water onto Elijah man's face and wondered why he was wet.
    Keep up the great work Elijah!

  3. This is so cool and there's so much humor. I love your funny jokes like how you said you slapped the man out of Zach and said that he didn't even have a man in him. Awesome Zach love the end and can't wait for the next part.

    1. I mean Elijah in that last sentence not Zach sorry!

  4. Wow Elijah, I'm left behind?
    Great ending to the evil twin story though.
    I liked your whole series so well done!
    Keep it up.

  5. That is so cool Elijah, it was like it was real and in my mind I could imagine that the evil twin would look HUGH and CREEPY.Great picture as well.
    Keep up the good work. :-]

  6. This story is really great.
    You write amazing action stories.
    Great picture and keep up the great work.
    Well done :-)

  7. That story is so cool!
    I like how you put in jokes for the story,
    it is cool that the story doesn't end.
    Keep up the great work!

  8. Nice job Elijah.That story was Fantastic!

  9. Amazing chapter Elijah, I still love the end and can't wait for the next story. What was that about an evil Shriek at the end??? But still amazing I know the next parts going to be AWESOME!

  10. Well done Elijah,
    That story of yours was awesome.
    The details that you put in it a really interesting.
    I really like the part when the bullet rebounded on your suit and nearly hit the clone.
    Keep up the great storeys.
    Well done!

  11. Wow Elijah What an amazing story.
    I like how you kind of made Zach useless and you awesome.
    Great story.

  12. HAHAHAHAHAH! that was so funny, elijah!
    with the toilet, and the slap.
    I really realllllyyyy liked it!

    Sincerely, The laughing teva tait.


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