Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Literacy circle

Literacy Circle is when you get in a group and get aside a activity e.g Illustrator, discussion director  summariser. You read a chapter of your book (Hatchet) and Then do your assignment (summariser). Then you have a meeting with your group and discus what you have done. 

My summary

The book I'm reading

The story so far (summarized)

The book is about a boy named Brian Robeson.He is on the plane to visit his Dad. He is looking out the window of his plane and thinking about his parents divorce. The pilot lets him fly the plane considering he is the only passenger. The pilot hopes back in his set. The pilot starts getting pains in his arms. the pain moves down two his chest. Brian soon realize the pilot is having a heart attack. the pilot passes out. Brian tries to contact the control tower. He gets contact But the signal is faint and soon fades out. He tries land the plain by a lake . Brian makes a wrong move and crashes into the lake. He barely escapes and quickly falls asleep When he wakes up it is late and he has Pains every were. In the morning The fish are leaping and a beaver is making his dam. He soon falls a sleep again. He wakes up. He is thirsty. He pulls himself up using a tree for support. Brian hesitates at the water is it safe to drink. He takes a sip and can't stop. He drinks a lot then hobbles back to the tree. He is feeling better but is now hungry.   

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  1. Thats a great summary, Elijah!
    I really like how you've put it in your own words.
    Great job!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.


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