Thursday, August 22, 2013

Elijah man 2 Chapter 2

The 2nd chapter is here. This is one of the funnest Elijah Man post yet! 

People with a low
sense of humor you
 will not get this.
Well maybe a bit. 

Last time:
Elijah was stuck as Zach’s lab rat for his cloning machine. Zach's device actually cloned Elijah and our heroes were shocked to see that Zach had done it. The clone turned out to be evil and left for Master Tyrone and Captain D's house. The secret seven battle the terrible twin. But Then...

This time:
The clone eyes grew dark and a beam shot at them it hit the toilet, the toilet evaporated and a fountain of water sprung out from the pipes below. Zach started to laugh he was zapped too and went to join the toilet. “Zach, Noooooooo!!!”, yelled Thunder Skull and was zapped as well and “That leaves five”, Said Captain D. The clone didn't like that so he zapped Dylan too. “So”, Tyrone hardly finished his sentence when he got zapped. “Don’t say anything”, Zeb whisperer and you guessed it, he got zapped. the two remaining hero's  Agent Black and Elijah Man ran for the door but they also got zapped.

When the hero's woke they were floating in a strange black sky, a flock of strange birds flew past, There was an old guy asking about leprechaun And a trumpet playing by itself. “Where on earth are we” called Zach “we’re not on earth” said Elijah man “we’re at the corner of space” “you mean the place that you can’t get back from unless you have a super jet” Cam said. “That's the one said the old man “and I don’t think you gonna find a super jet round er'e”.  “Who needs a super jet when you have shape shifting for a power” said Elijah man as he transformed into a super jet. The superheroes piled in. “shotgun” called Tyrone as dived for the controllers seat, “WHAT!” The jedi yelled when he sat down “WHERE ARE THE CONTROLS“Controls! said Elijah “not with you six in here you’ll crash me And yes I can see you nodding. The secret six raced back towards earth when...  


  1. Good work there Elijah man that is a fine work.
    Keep up the fantastic work.
    Bye see you later. |:)

  2. This episode Elijah is SO funny.
    I like your drawing of the Super Jet.
    Keep the interesting series up Elijah!

  3. Amazing story, elijah!
    I really like how you have strong verbs like 'Zapped' and 'transformed'

  4. What an awesome and great story. And I like the plane image. It looks awesome. Well done

  5. Awesome Elijah.I really like your post.Keep the work up Elijah!

  6. Great humor, I can't wait for the next chapter. I can't believe I got zapped... BUT STILL, great post Elijah keep up the epic stories.

  7. Cool Elijah!
    So hilarious,
    your story are off the hook!
    I can't wait to read chapter 3!
    Keep up the hilarious story's Elijah Man

  8. Wow what a great story I can really imagine the story.
    Great story

  9. Great story Elijah! Hope there's another chapter. The drawing of the plane is funny!!!
    Keep up the great work.

  10. Wow Elijah!
    What a great story.
    I really enjoyed reading it.
    I also like the part when you transform into a jet plane.
    It is so cool and friendly how you added more of the superheros too.
    Well done:)
    I really like how you created a story like that on super hero's too.

  11. Wow Elijah
    thats a awesome story
    keep it up!!!

  12. Cool Eliijah man whos your next fight with?Keep us in peace.


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