Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tagxedo Reflection for Top House

This is my tagxedo reflection of the top house comp
Tagxedo - Creator

This is what I wrote:

My favourite event was the eight legged race.

Something I was proud of was winning and getting the the five Extra points in the ball track’s.

Something I found challenging was the stepping stones because we could not touch the ground.

Something I could improve on would be threading the rope.


  1. Some good reflections here, Elijah.

    I've got two questions:
    What did you enjoy about the comp?
    Why was the eight legged race your favourite event?

  2. It's good that you fun on Friday Elijah, threading the is great thing to try out because you can't do it really fast.

  3. Good work Elijah the colors like a rainbow! How colorful.

  4. Love your Tagxedo Elijah!!!

  5. Cool tagxedo Elijah. I like the colors.
    What made you choose the hand shape?

  6. Cool job Elijah and I can see you've done a hand and it is colurful


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