Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Skyping the Commonwealth games village

Reflection for Skying Cam's uncle

Today we skyped Cam's uncle Craig Palmer (a sport scientist for the Commonwealth games (he works with the cyclist). He was inside the Commonwealth games village.
He told us lots of interesting things.
Heres what I thought:

Something I was pleased with was that we were lucky enough to see inside the village.
I really enjoyed learning was that there is about 320
It was really cool hearing about all the things that Craig does as a sport scientist. His job is to make sure the athletes are eating right, he collects the details of their performances to make training programs, makes sure the athletes are improving etc.

I also learned things like the velodrome in Glasgow is 250m around, he has been working in the Commonwealth games for 2 years, the athletes have to train everyday etc.


  1. i like your blog posts Elijah
    its so Ataahua (beautiful)
    keep it up Elijah

  2. Well done on your skyp


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