Friday, July 04, 2014

Elijah Man: The Clone Returns: Part one: THE KITTEN!

And now the moment you've all been waiting for! The amazing! The awesome and very handsome I must admit, ELIJAH MAN!!! season 2. 

Warning: may contain kittens!

Previously on Elijah Man... The Secret six have disbanded and Elijah Man and Agent Black are looking for new additions to their team. They find two other heroes Hulk Brayden and Bat Traylon. They call their new team S.L.O.S.H (Secret League Of Super Heroes). And lived happily ever after...


“Alarm clock, alarm clock, alarm clock!” went Elijah Man's alarm clock at 6am. “Ahh another super day of being suprely super and saving cats and stuff,” said Elijah Man as he makes up his bed “Yap nothing like being a super hero”. Just then Elijah’s Mum comes in with a surprised look on her face.
“Umm honey... you know you're not really a superhero right?” she asked.
“Ohh um of course I was just playing pretend with Balin. Right Blain?” Elijah said glaring at Balin, Elijah Man’s superhero brother.
“Ya what ever,” Balins said as He puts his jacket on.
“Where are you to off to?” she said as they opened the door.
“Ohh we're going over to Cam’s to play video games,” Elijah said back.
“Ok then, be back by lunch,” .
“Sure Mum see soon,”.

As soon as they walked out the door the two brothers ran round the side of the house and into the shed. “To the Elijah cave,” Elijah Man said as he unlocked the secret passage to the underground base. Balin Man rolled his eyes and followed him into the base. “Hi ya’ll,” Elijah said as he walked into the room. 
“I AM BAT Traylan!” Bat Traylan called from the bathroom. 
“Ellooo,” Brayden said over the sound of Gummy Wars (the best show ever) on TV. Just then the alarm went off. The S.L.O.S.H ran over to the computer to check it out. 
“OH NO!” called Agent Black “THERE’S A KITTEN STUCK IN A TREE.... ON A FARM!”
“THAT’S HORRIBLE!” Elijah screamed back. Balin rolled his eyes. 
“I AM BAT Traylan!” yelled Bat Traylan. 
"LETS GO!" called Brayden Hulk.
“OK” they all shout back.
“TO THE ELIJAH MOBILE!” Elijah yells.



  1. I like the new characters, Elijah. Especially Bat Traylan and his catchphrase "I'm Bat Traylan!"

    I need more action. What happens to the kitten? How did get up there? Maybe a scene from the kitten's point of view. I look forward to the next part!

  2. Awesome writing Elijah. The characters sound great.
    I cant wait to hear about the next part of the story I wonder how you will save the Kitten.
    Keep up the great work.

  3. Wow! Elijah that must of taken lots of typing (I bet your fingers were sore after that)
    Great job though keep it up.
    I look ford to the next story.

  4. Wow Elijah!
    I love the wonderful pictures that are under the story!
    wonder what the next part of "Elijah man" will be like
    Tu Meke work Elijah keep it up!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Thanks for the GREAT comment Julius!

  5. Great job Elijah. I really like what you
    did with Bat Traylan "I'm Bat Traylan!"
    it was funny
    sincerly Brayden


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