Monday, June 30, 2014

Mars no fear of no return

This is my pretend writing about me going to Mars. Enjoy!


It’s finally the day. The day I will never forget. The day my parents won’t forget. The day my friends, my family and the world won't forget. The day that will have a permanent place in history! The Day, me and the team go to Mars. Today we are astronauts, then in 7 months  we are heroes. The First Humans on Mars. Possibly even the first life on Mars? Just us four. Sam, Jason, Kim and I.

We were doing our final goodbyes. Mum and Dad were bawling their eyes out as I walk away for the last time. As I walk up to the ship I stopped. I turned around and took one last long look at the world. I looked at Mum and Dad as they waved goodbye. They have stopped crying but I could tell they were only just holding it in. I waved and they waved back. I turned around and walked up the ramp and into the ship. I have a huge lump in my throat as I look out the window and see Mum and Dad crying again. Jason puts his hand on my back. “It’ll be ok kid, you’ll see,” he says. “There’s nothing to worry about”.

Then the twins walked in. Kim was crying and Sam was rolling his eyes while patting Kim on the back. “She’s been crying all morning” he says as they both slump into their seats “She finally realised what a  big difference going to Mars will be”.
“It’s just so saaaaad!” Kim sobbed as Jason and I started doing the last checks on the rocket. “Ok guys look’s good,” Jason says as he gives a thumb up to mission control “lets fire it up”. “OK READY FOR IGNITION” says Jack the mission control guy.
“Ohh my gosh, can you just get it over with before Kim floods the ship!” Sam yells into the mic. “OK,OK. DON’T GET YA NICKA’S IN TWIST” Jack snaps back “10, 9, 8”.
“Come on!” we all yell.
“321 GO!” he yells back. Suddenly the rocket jolts forward and we lift off the ground. “AAAHHHH!!!” We all scream as we shot through the atmosphere. The fuel tank fell off. and we floated aimlessly towards Mars.

To be continued... dun dun dun!


  1. Great story Elijah!
    Did you make the Mars and the stars on paint?

  2. Fantastic work Elijah. I like how you have put possibly even the first life on mars. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Your poor Mum and Dad saying goodbye but so very proud you really captured the emotion. I'll be tuned in for the next chapter dun dun dun

  4. I agree with your Mum, Elijah. You really captured the emotion of the day. Now, I just can't wait for you to continue where you left us "floating aimlessly towards Mars".


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