Friday, June 13, 2014

Bravery story: Optimist Yachting

As some of you might know we have been reading Wonder as our class book. This writing was inspired by the precept "Fortune favours the bold."

We’d just arrived at Pandora pond ready for some fun. My friends and I are all jittery with fright and excitement! Everyone walks down to the stones and wait for instructions. Mr M started calling out names to hop in the boats. I was finally called and paired up with my classmate Crighton we jump in a boat and seat of into the windy water.

The wind was really strong and it was really hard to keep strait. Especially when you're crashing into people every five seconds. we were going really fast and had to lean to the side every once in a while to keep the boat from capsizing.

Suddenly the boat lunged to the side and the boat filled with water luckily the buoyancy tanks were there to keep us afloat. We keep filling our buckets with water and tipping over board.
Then the boat did it again it leaned to right and we lean to the left. It was practically side ways.

The sail swung round and smacked me in the head. My hat fell off and landed in the boat. It was soaked. the boat was still full of water and every time I was almost done the tipped to the side! I was sick of it!

Crighton and I decided to back to shore so I pulled on the rope and he turned the rudder and we turned back to shore. But the wind was letting us get out of it that easy it swung us around in every which direction. But we were able to push through the wind and make it safely back to shore.

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