Thursday, May 22, 2014

North Head

This is my holiday recount called North Head.

WALT use different sentence starters
I know can do this when:
  • My sentences start with different words
  • Capital letters to start sentences and for proper nouns
  • Some short, sharp sentences

KEY WORDS: North Head, Auckland, Picnic.  

We have just arrived at the North Head car park for a picnic dinner. North head is an old army base by the beach in Auckland. Me and my family slowly trudged through the thick mud with are picnic gear. Finally we reach our picnic spot. Its an old cannon shelter facing right out to sea. My brother, my baby cousin and I go and play with a ball while my uncle and auntie get dinner ready. When I wasn’t watching my brother gave the ball a big kick and knocks over the water jug. The jug cracks and starts to leak. Without thinking I run over to the jug and put my hand on the crack. What I didn’t know was that the jug was full of HOT WATER! “OUCH!” I said as I quickly put the jug down and shook my hand. My hand wasn’t burnt but it was still really hot.

For dinner we had bacon, sauseges and hamburgers. It was sort of an easy tea considering we only had a small gas cooker. We watched the boats from the Auckland harbour go past and played with the ball some more while we were waiting for the adults to finish.

After dinner we my uncle took us kids to see some of the other cannon shelter. Meanwhile my mum and auntie packed up the picnic. Then trudged back up the muddy hill. We explored a couple of underground tunnels were the soldiers stored their guns and cannons. The tunnels echoed with every foot step.Me and my brother walked through the tunnel making disstant cannon noises with are feet. We explored the tunnels some more before returning to the car. Then we drove home for dessert.

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