Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Are Aliens real? answer: NO!

I'm now going to persuade you that aliens are fake.

Why are aliens real? Do you have proof? Has anyone seen an actual alien? Have you ever thought that crop circles are just farmers playing with their lawn mowers? Well I’m to tell you aliens are not real!

UFO? or Cloud?
Ever since the first alien movie came out everyone has said they spotted aliens in flying saucers and stuff like that. So what if you saw a disk shape?  Doesn't mean aliens are real. How do you know they were made by aliens? They could be clouds! I’m just trying to make a point here if aliens were real why haven't we found any yet the only evidence is flying saucers aka UFO’s but as I said there is no such thing.

Alien abduction? Yeah right!
Ok so you say you were abducted by aliens. I would totally believe you... If it was true. Even if aliens were real I’m sure they have better things to do then poking at human brains or abducting cows. Seriously you know that I’m right about this one. Come on, how could you still believe in all that alien talk about ET and Martians! They DON’T EXIST.

So you're saw an alien shaped rock.... And what?
You were going for a late night stroll. Saw a rubbish bin. Thought it was an alien. Theeen freaked and told everyone you saw Chewbacca in the alley way. Maybe next time you should check if it's actually an alien not just a bin. I mean really how many times has some seen a blanket and thought it was monster. And none of us believe in monsters. Just face it aliens are just made up creatures from books and movies!

Now do you believe me
Well I’m sure we all believe aliens exist (NOT!). You should all now know that aliens are FAKE! If you still believe that all that alien mumbo jumbo is real then you're still wrong. Aliens are like Bigfoot and fairies and as I said before monsters! Fake, fake and FAKE! So, now do you believe in aliens?? Hope not.


  1. Great work Elijah. You really made me think that aliens are fake. Keep up the good work.

  2. What a fantastic way to start the day. Sitting down at the computer with a cup of Earl Grey, reading that awesome monologue really brought a smile to my dial. Nice one Son.

  3. I like how you persuade me that aliens are fake.

  4. You really made me think that aliens were not real for a second but it will not change the fact that I believe aliens are real

  5. nice work Elijah you really mad me feel like aliens aren't real

  6. I loved it, you are very persuasive, I feel like I should trust you.

  7. Well done Elijah.
    You really made me think that aliens are fake.
    But I still think aliens are real.
    Good job.

  8. Well done Elijah
    Everyone thinks that you did a great job.
    I feel like like changing my alien story
    And put aliens FAKE!

  9. Well done Elijah.
    Even though that I still did not believe Aliens are real you convinced me more.


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