Friday, March 01, 2013

My Te Mata Peak art post

Here is a picture of my art, and a QR code to go with it

This is how I made my art
I sketched it, I colored it with pastel, then dyed it.

Here is how I made the QR code
1. go to QR voice
2. type in sentence/sentences. 
3. click the QR code to continue. 
3. and then save. 


  1. Emma Poppelwell (Aunty and Isaac's mum)Saturday, March 02, 2013

    Love Te Mata Peak picture... reminds me of the H'Bay:) I used to love walking up the peak

  2. Your Te-Mata picture is awesome it reminds me of a day when we were up Te-Mata peak:)

  3. Awesome art Elijah.
    I like the color of your sky.
    Do you think that Te Mata is really just laying there?

  4. Your art stands out, Elijah.

    It captures something special about Te Mata Peak.

  5. I like your Te Mara art and how you did your QR code


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