Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Beans (my energy moment)

We had to write a story about a book we read. It's almost the same but in my version...

We arrive at the the sport’s center, Not a minute to lose. 
I rush onto the court. we put are band’s on they feel so sweaty and smell so bad I here my team going “yuck that’s so gross” but I don’t mind how sweaty or smelly they were because I just want to play the game. Sometimes I get knocked over or injured but I don’t mind because I know I’m playing my best. BANG BANG BANG is the sound that I hear when the ball bounces up and down the court, the ball flies back and forth from player to player as my team passes the ball down the court I rush under the basket. All of a sudden they ball lands in my hands. I feel the vibrations of the opponent's feet thumping down hard on the court.Take the a shot, I hear my team chanting.

I stand in front of the basket. I took a huge leap. I feel nervous as the ball went flying through the air. The ball went straight through the hoop. A point. we didn't win but I feel proud of myself.  At the end of the game we shook the other team’s hand then walked back to the coach to see who had got player of the day. We all waited finally the coach spoke “today player of the goes to Elijah” I feel really happy. I can’t wait until the next game.


  1. Great story, I feel like I'm on the court with you. Awesome win this week, you guys showed great teamwork. Can't wait to watch you play again next week.

    1. Are you a student from the team that Elijah was facing?

  2. I like how you have use onamatipaya Elijah and your picture does suit how strong you are.
    Because that picture is showing a hawk picking up a basket ball. And the hawk does look pretty strong.

  3. Awesome Elijah the basket ball picture you chose are awesome.

  4. Wow I love your witting.
    I like the Hawks pic.
    Keep it up.

  5. Hey Elijah,
    I loved this post. My favriote part is where you were you were proud of your self for making the shot and the post is very detailed it was really good!!
    Your PenPal,

  6. You're hawk pic is cool & the writing is great keep up the great work.

  7. Fantastic writing, Elijah!

    You really capture the moment with your present tense, strong verbs and the way you share your feelings.


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